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Usage of global variables in WordPress is easy syntax, but it also makes breaking of functionalities easier while using them. This is an effort to document all the global variables used by WordPress and any possible documentation for it to enable wiser use in plugins and templates. A generic rule to follow while using global variables in plugins and themes is that values should only be read from them and they should never be written. Values will be written to them in the WordPress code and never in the plugins or themes. This documentation is good for WordPress 2.0.1.

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  5. Sudar said:

    Thanks for the list. It will be really very helpful to plugin authors like me.


  6. Mark said:

    Thanks a bunch, very useful!!!

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  14. Sung Tyndal said:

    As a newcomer in this field I am constantly on the lookout for insightful content on the subject. Your blog has filled my need to a great extent.

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  16. Michael Fokken said:

    What about comment_depth?

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