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Blogswana – Blog With A Purpose

While a lot of speculation about blogs is being discussed (via Lorelle On WordPress), here is a blog with a purpose. Underlying is the the Blogswana Project which is a project to increase HIV/AIDS education in the African country of Botswana through blogging. It is being led by Curt Hopkins and Brian Schartz and operates under the Committee To Protect Bloggers. [Continue]

Stable Dependencies Principle

All the design principles focus on getting the dependencies right between classes and then between packages. This enables high reusability and easier maintenance of software applications. As we have seen in Common Closure Principle, packages can be closed only for certain changes, an absolute closure is difficult. [Continue]

Open Source Usability

As an open source fan I invite people to try out open source software and know its benefits. I try to emphasize that open source is not only about money, it is also about quality, choice and participation. However, I feel we need to add Usability to this list, which I think is lacking in the open source applications. [Continue]

Spam Killing Blogosphere

CNET News.com is running an article about Blogosphere suffering from spam. It highlights reactions by the blogging community to tackle the spam attack – right from closing down comments to tools like Akismet to advanced filtering mechanisms being developed by Weblogs, Inc. Boing Boing would allow its readers to leave comments and engage in a discussion on the wildly popular blog, if it weren’t for spam. [Continue]

Where Is The Link Manager?

A change in the links management for WordPress.com greeted me today morning. It was pretty irritating, I had got quite comfortable with the Link Manager interface. The Link Manager was my way of displaying links in a certain order, in certain groups. [Continue]



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