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This global variable indicates whether the current user wants to use rich editing interface (by default using TinyMCE) for creating/editing posts and comments. Since WordPress 2.0, the option of rich editing is set per user, which can be accessed by using the checkbox, “Use the visual rich editor when writing”, in Admin Panel->Users->Your Profile. richedit is set in the functions get_post_to_edit($id) and get_comment_to_edit($id) in the [wordpress-root-folder]/wp-admin/admin-functions.p [Continue]

Accessibility, But Not For Users

The recent backlash against the recently released Last Call Working Draft of WCAG 2.0 is a representation of the frustration against it. The general outburst is against the irreverence for Web Standards in the guidelines. Other than that the original document is full of jargon and requires supporting documents (Understanding WCAG 2.0 and Techniques of WCAG 2.0) for full comprehension, it also seems to have lost the focus. [Continue]

Theory Of Constraints And Software Concerns

Unlike a lot of others, I was introduced to Theory Of Constraints (TOC) by the business novel and was instantly addicted to the revolutionary approach, an output of exceptional work by Eliyahu Goldratt. The Theory Theory Of Constraints (TOC) is, at its basics, a problem solving approach that focuses on the constraints or limitations involved. Anything that we are part of today – work or family or organizations – involves multiple factors. [Continue]

Open Management Consortium

The open source drive has brought together certain systems management vendors to form the Open Management Consortium (OMC) (via The Register). The founding members are Ayamon through Nagios Emu Software through NetDirector Qlusters through openQRM Symbiot through OpenSIMS Webmin Zenoss This is not just a group, but a group of products which work well with each other. This group highlights interoperability and collaboration between different tools. [Continue]



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