Two Exceptional Conversations On C++

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I had come across two exceptional conversations on C++ between two visionaries – Bill Venners and Bjarne Stroustrup. They are dated 2003, but are very much valid even today.

Titled as The C++ Style Sweet Spot and Modern C++ Style, the discussions answer some principle questions about moving from C to C++, using inhertiance the right way, using abstract classes for interface and considering the invariant for designing simple classes. If you haven’t read them yet, jump right ahead and consume them, they provide lot of food for thought and can act as design guidelines.

Unique thing about reading the discussions was that Stroustrup has not given just point answers, but has explained the reasons behind the thoughts. I am sure such reading can lead to best practices.

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  1. Bjarne Stroustrup On Problem With Programming on iface thoughts said:

    […] It is always valuable to know insights and opinions of experts. Here is one – Bjarne Stroustrup, the creator of C++, answers Jason Pontin’s questions on problems with programming. The point that was highlighted for me was that people do not reward or pay for quality, but what comes first because they want the new gadgets now! I think this is what most of us want to provide, because that is in demand. But this results in short-term gains, momentary satisfaction. The other one that I grabbed is that a balance of demands and resources is required in the approach. This is not programming in strict sense, it requires stepping back a bit and looking at the entire set. Rest of the questions and answers are on design decisions of C++ which are really informative if you are C++ fan like I am. You can also read a couple of interviews by Bill Venners for more on C++ design. […]

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