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I Would Not Have Been Able To Say This

Johan Huizinga is quoted (from Gonzo Marketing) The reader of these pages should not look for detailed documentation of every word. In treating of the general problems of culture one is constantly obliged to undertake predatory incursions into provinces not sufficently explored by the raider himself. To fill in all the gaps in my knowledge beforehand was out of the question for me. [Continue]

Mullet Style

This blog now has mullet style design for the homepage. Well, not exactly, but bigger excerpt (instead of entire content) is displayed for two most recent posts and rest have a shorter excerpt. This is true only for the homepage, not for other archives. [Continue]

From Fear To Satisfaction

My blogging activity has been completely ruled by emotions, at least till now. As unusual as it is, I was introduced to the world of blogging through WordPress. It was chosen to implement an article management system because of its simplicity and multitude of available features. [Continue]

Providing Web API

The challenge in designing an API is to provide flexibility but also hide the irrelevant information. Alex Bosworth provides a nice list of rules for providing a Web API with some examples. What are a few simple rules for providing a web API? [Continue]



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