Random Quote Widget For WordPress

WP-Quotes is a simple yet elegant WordPress plugin for displaying quotes, including random quotes. Random Quote Widget is a WordPress widget built on this plugin to comply with the new widget framework provided by WordPress. The widget lets you customize its title and spews out a friendly error message if the WP-Quotes plugin is not installed or activated.


Download the plugin. Rename the file to randomquotes.php after the download.


Put the file in [wordpress root folder]/wp-content/plugins folder and activate it in the Plugin administration menu. Once activated, you will see the widget in the Sidebar widgets under Presentation administration menu. Note that, Sidebar widgets are seen only for the widgetized themes.

You are ready to use the widget.

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  2. Kim said:

    There appears to be a file missing (edit-quotes.php) without this the plugin won’t work, do you have a copy?

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