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IE Made Easy For Linux

Multiple browsers on multiple platforms have always been one of the thorns in designing, and even developing web applications. In spite of the standards, each has its own whims and fancies of supporting a selective set. It becomes frustrating when you have to support a browser built for a specific platform, especially when you don’t use it, like Microsoft Internet Explorer built for Microsoft Windows is for a designer/developer in Linux. [Continue]

Is Functional Programming Going Mainstream?

Recent developments in the programming language world is indicating towards a wider acceptance of functional programming. It is not new, it has been actively used in the academia and in niche industries in form of languages like Lisp. But recently certain typical features of functional programming are available in the new-age general programming languages and are being added to the old ones. [Continue]

A To Z Linux Distributions

One big disadvantage of Linux today – simply too many distributions to choose from. It is one thing to decide to switch from Windows to Linux, but another to try to find out how many are there. Well, someone knows this and has collected the A to Z desktop Linux distributions (via Linux and Open Source Blog), with corresponding details. [Continue]

More Modifications To Theme

So, I have done away with the asides widget, now they are displayed inline with rest of the posts in the main content area. This is because of complaint by one of the readers. Since the asides filtering is gone, my dependency on Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin has reduced. [Continue]



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