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Multiple browsers on multiple platforms have always been one of the thorns in designing, and even developing web applications. In spite of the standards, each has its own whims and fancies of supporting a selective set. It becomes frustrating when you have to support a browser built for a specific platform, especially when you don’t use it, like Microsoft Internet Explorer built for Microsoft Windows is for a designer/developer in Linux. Sérgio Lopes has reduced a lot of pain for everyone by creating this boon – IEs4Linux. It automagically downloads and setups not one, not two but three previous versions of IE on a 32 bit Linux desktop. Get the whole story on Linux and Open Source Blog.

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  1. IE7 On Linux on iface thoughts said:

    […] You can, if you want to run Internet Explorer 7 on Linux. The older versions were already available. Why in the world will I do that! For two reasons – to be able to test designs and visit sites that have special affinity for IE. Of course it will still be required to do a final test on IE on Windows, but this can help a lot during the design process. The technique involves installing IEs4Linux and then using Google’s customized IE7 installer. The IE versions run on wine which is a free implementation of Windows on Unix. […]

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