Visual Studio Orphaned

Microsoft Vista, the new blue-eyed baby of Microsoft, does not support the primary development suite – Visual Studio, even the latest version. Latest versions of two flagship products, both by the same vendor, don’t work with each other. Does it sound stupid? Or is there any hint of emergency operations to salvage Vista out of delays? Well, at least Microsoft has warned the developers beforehand, unlike the case of Powerpoint exploit. SQL Server 2005 too is going to need the latest service packs to gel with Vista.

There is also a hint of marketing effort by pulling out support for older versions of Visual Studio. I wonder what is the reason behind this one. Some call it forced migration, I call it Microsoft exploiting its users to make sure that Vista is popular. It is going to be a nightmare to support customers on older platforms using older versions of the IDE.

This will definitely affect Vista’s popularity among the developers. Vista’s popularity will depend on ability of developers to develop software on it, and for that there was, until today, nothing better than the Visual Studio suite. Either this or Visual Studio will go down in usage, users will simply start using other tools. There are some interesting ones out there like SharpDevelop.

Visual Studio is an outstanding product, and one of the rare Microsoft outputs that I really like. I hope they fix this soon and understand that there should not be friction between two family members, it can bring the entire house down.

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