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What People Expect From Linux

Checkout this Honda advertisement (its in German) WPvideo 1.02 Don’t worry if you don’t understand German, the visuals are enough to make the point. It makes two statements about the car, in bold: that it is a solution that it is customizable and flexible, with ease The automation shown is an exaggeration, but it serves the purpose of displyaing ease with which the insides can be adjusted to accomodate stuff. The perception would be completely different if it was shown that the guy manually loads all that stuff. [Continue]


Shunya is a Slashdot for India. I think it definitely makes sense because discussions on Indian topics with the Indian demographics and cultural variety in the background deserves a dedicated place. Nothing against Slashdot itself, just that specificity to a country adds a different flavor to the discussions.

Hey, I Am A Duck!

Forget the strings, integers, doubles, floats and even the semantic ones which help simulate the real world types, err, including ducks! Considering that I had come from the disciplined world of static typing and dynamic typing this idea of duck typing was quite a shock to me when I got introduced to Ruby. Avoiding the reactive complete dismissal of the idea I ventured further and here is what I got out of it. [Continue]

Desktop Linux Will Not Make It?

Martin Girard predicts a terminal future for desktop Linux (via Linux and Open Source Blog). The crux – Martin says the biggest reason is that Linux is built by technologists for technologists and not for the average Joe who is a technophobist. For the common man, an operating system is just an utility, no passion and no will to do more about it, and today Linux is driven by passion from the technologist who is a different animal. [Continue]


After a lot of time there has been a development which tries to improve on the original purpose of Web. Hyperscope is an implementation of Open Hyperdocument System (OHS), vision of the legendary Doug Engelbart. OHS aims at bridging together the different knowledge tools with common capabilities in an interoperable way. [Continue]



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