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Scoble points to the full feed petition – an effort to discourage syndication of partial content.

One of the biggest reasons to do partial feeds is to avoid splogging. Another popular reason to use feeds only for a peep is to encourage site visits, which in turn might increase the advertising revenues. Scoble has led a debate on this earlier.

Me? I support full feeds. I think there are better solutions to the problems. Feed advertising can solve problems for some who think full feeds is anti-revenue. There are multiple solutions like Feedburner or Pheedo. Splogging can be dealt with approaches like AntiLeech or reporting them or this guide from Lorelle against content theft.

Some think that reading posts on the blog itself can enhance the overall experience. I think it is best left to the personal preference of your readers, rather than forcing them to visit the blog.

I have signed the petition, go ahead and support it if you think full feeds will help.

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  1. Lorelle said:

    I won’t sign it. I don’t like being restricted to only one choice. Some like the tease. I have used full feeds for years but a recent rash of time consuming splogs and content theft made me want to try an experiment with excerpts. While some like it and some don’t, my feed traffic and blog traffic have continually kept rising, so I don’t see any loss since I switched. Besides, I tend to write long technical articles that just don’t appeal to everyone, so why should my 6 page full article clutter up their feed reader when they can get the taste and click to read if they are interested?

    BBC, NPR, NY Times, and many news and popular media sites also use only excerpts in their feeds. I don’t see people screaming at them. You don’t always need to read everything, just get a glimpse at what is on the menu and then click when you want more information.

    For journal, columnist bloggers, this might not apply since they rattle on in an effort to make their storytelling point. For technical or informational bloggers, feed excerpts are a choice.

    They don’t stop sploggers, but they do help make it a little more difficult. I have several jerks I’m battling with using my partial feeds on their splogs.

  2. Abhijit Nadgouda said:

    Hi Lorelle,

    Yes, I remember reading a series of articles by you on your fight with splogging, and somewhere in between switching to excerpts. I think good content will never be affected by partial or full feeds. I think it affects the reader the most, especially when using portables like PDAs. My support for full feeds is from the perspective of giving a choice to the reader.

    I agree that full feeds can cause problems, but I think we should keep looking for a solution that does not hurt the good reader.

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