IE7, That It Is

IE7 has been finally released. But IE7, that it is, is still posing some problems. And IE7, that it is, has a security vulnerability discovered already.

However, IE7, that it is, has add-ons including one for Bloglines. But IE7, that it is, will struggle to have a addons repository as rich as Firefox addons. Most will not like that view source protocol does not work anymore. IE7, that it is, will keep developers and designers wondering if CSS related bugs have been fixed.

I am, that I am, still going to be happy with IE7 because it has killed the older version, that it was. There are already thoughts on IE7 and Firefox 2 battle. However, IE7, that it is, is available only on Windows, so it has to wage the battle on multiple fronts and possibly with multiple browsers. But Microsoft, that it is, has already started looking at IE Next.

I am, that I am, will continue to use Firefox and keep a lookout for IE7 on Linux for testing.

Update:Oh yeah! Any guesses what you will find at ie7.com?

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