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WordPress MU has been released. WordPress Multi-User is an official multi user version of the venerable WordPress blogging tool. It is being extensively tested in the public as it powers the excellent WordPress.com platform. WordPress was lagging in multi-blogs/multi-user world when compared to Movable Type. But now it has closed that gap and is now seriously in the market.

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  1. Not Only Wordpress But Even Wordpress.com « Abhijit Nadgouda @ iface said:

    […] WordPress family now has a full bouquet of products. But its not only the tool, the WordPress.com is now offering all the services for hosting your blog. You can now have your own domain name for WordPress.com blog along with the CSS Upgrade feature. You can choose the VIP hosting if you expect high traffic on your blog. Full marks to the Automattic team which works behind the scenes on all this. […]

  2. Wordpress Goes Enterprise on iface thoughts said:

    […] I think WordPress really entered the market with the release of WordPress MU. WordPress is a fantastic blogging tool, and being open source it receives contributions from the user-base all over the world. The only think I see lacking in WordPress for enterprise usage is search. Otherwise WordPress has already proven itself in installations like these, and lets not forget WordPress.com. […]

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