Why I Don’t Use delicious Anymore!

I have been using del.icio.us for some time. However, recently it has been fading out of my sight. Apart from being one of the early birds using .us domain name innovatively, it pioneered Web 2.0 by allowing bookmarks on the Web that could be shared. The feature of tagging was also quite useful.

But when I started my blog, it was the place where I shared anything and everything that I wanted to. However, the biggest difference was that I rarely just bookmarked a link, I usually mini-evaluated it and would want to share it. I could also receive other’s comments on it and could create discussions when I put it up on the blog.

The other difference was the my blog is open to everyone, without requiring any registration for participating. It is out there to google, uh oh, did I misuse the name? Well, it is out there on the Net, uh oh, this might not hold true when our Net starts fragmenting. Well, it is out there in the wild – no community required, no participation required, no registration required. Even for myself, my blog functions better as an archive or treasure of links.

The only feature of delicious that I cannot do with my blog is discovering content. But frankly, I don’t find delicious as one the top content discovery sites. I read others who find, or I use other tools like StumbleUpon. Reducing the usage of delicious has not affected me yet and so it has turned into a dependency rather than a service for me.

I don’t have anything against delicious, I liked it. I am sure others who don’t have a blog or just want to bookmark find delicious useful. But I can get those features in an easier way elsewhere. I think this is where Web 2.0 can hurt. There are so many services offering overlapping functionalities that one has to keep continuously innovating to offer USPs. It is very easy to get outdated or inconvenient. I will keep an eye out for delicious, and probably sometimes use it for finding content, but not for bookmarking any more.

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  1. Flock - The Other Browser on iface thoughts said:

    […] I do not use social bookmarks much, I use my blog to build an archive for future reference. […]

  2. Smite said:

    I just signed up to delicious as a way to promote my blog tbh, doesn’t seem too bad. Also looks like I’m five years late posting on this, lololol http://smiteblogs.blogspot.co.uk.
    That’s my blog btw, if anyone is interested in reading it. It’s got some bad language and other stuff, so discretion is advised.

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