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Scoble has been really glad about using the new Google Reader because it allows the river style reading. A river of news is actually contrast to what a lot of feed readers offer – categorization. The news just flows, without separating by the source or the type.

River of News in Akregator

I have been extremely happy with Akregator, and find all the online counterparts slow. I can read the news as a river in Akregator, and it allows very convenient shortcuts for navigation. River of news converts all the different feeds you have subscribed to into a giant feed. There is no need to change the types or feeds, so fewer clicks, quicker experience and better efficiency.

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  1. Started With Google Reader on iface thoughts said:

    […] I use Akregator for reading feeds, it is one of the best desktop feed readers. But I will be visiting some places where I will not be able to connect my laptop to Net, and I will be using a different machine. So, to be prepared for the inevitable, I have started using Google Reader too. It is not as efficient as Akregator, but close to it in terms of behavior. It has similar shortcuts, no need of using the mouse and provides a way of reading river of news. So I am going to use other features offered by the reader like showing off my linklog. You can head over there if for some reason you want to know what do I like from my feeds or subscribe to it. But I will come back to my Akregator after done with moving around, so I will need something to synchronize both of them, for which I am going to try FeedLinx. Lets see how it works out. Do you have any suggestions? […]

  2. Bloglines Tops, But I Still Like Google Reader on iface thoughts said:

    […] I was a Bloglines user earlier, but started with Google Reader recently. I had switched from Bloglines to the desktop reader Akregator, which had excellent keyboard shortcuts and allowed the river of news reading. However, I had to fall back on a web based reader in case I had to use a different machine. Google Reader was the best choice because it did everything that Akregator did. I find myself reading much faster because of easier navigation. Bloglines needs to polish itself in these areas. However, I miss ability to search within my subscriptions with Google Reader. I have seen/read that quite a lot of people switched, so I think that Google Reader has more market share than perceived. Michael Arrington wonders if it is because Feedburner does not track it. […]

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