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Feeds That Matter

If you are looking at yet another way of finding feeds, visit Feeds That Matter (via Rajesh). A lot of feed readers offer pre-packaged bundles of feeds and you will find a lot in the Technorati rankings and the feeds that others have shared. FTM uses the top feeds in Bloglines to recommend feeds on a topic. [Continue]

Anxiety In Ruby Community

The many implementations of Ruby have created elation for some and anxiety for others. While it does indicate that the language is popular it is easier for someone to create a fork creating multiple versions. So far, no one has shown any intention, but pressures of integrating with frameworks and platforms can affect it. [Continue]

Open Source Imitating Microsoft

One of the rare instances, but for good (via Download Squad). The Free Standards Group (FSG) has created LSB Developer Network (LDN), a MSDN like resource for LSB Developers. Linux Standards Base (LSB) is an Application Binary Interface (ABI) to promote compatibility between various Linux distributions and allow portability among them. [Continue]

Critical Thinking

Sharon Begley notes that critical thinking skills are different from willingness to use them (via Rajesh). Critical thinking means being able to evaluate evidence, to tell fact from opinion, to see holes in an argument, to tell whether cause and effect has been established and to spot illogic. … A tendency to employ critical thinking, according to studies going back a decade, goes along with certain personality traits, not necessarily with intelligence. [Continue]

Getting Better

Martin Fowler has put up a thoughtful insight. The point is that when you try a new technique it’ll often make you worse, at least initially. You have to work with something unfamiliar, perhaps also unlearn something else that gets in the way. [Continue]



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