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  1. SearchMash - An Experimental Prototype on iface thoughts said:

    […] The two features I liked were that the search returned all types of results – text and images both. Maybe this can extend to other types as well like multimedia. There is a box for searches in Wikipedia. Second one is the elimination of next page or pagination of search results. You can see more results for the search. Simple and quick, I think this will make it easier to go beyond the first 10 results. They can as well go for the pageless design. […]

  2. Coping Up With Multi-Core A Must on iface thoughts said:

    […] A lot of developers, or even executives feel that multi-threading is not for business applications. It is true that the obvious benefits of the multi-core technology can be for servers like web servers or application servers. However, developers of web applications should not completely ignore this. In my opinion, it will great, if the multi-core technology can be used to make the endless pageless concept becomes more practical which can increase usability of a web application. […]

  3. Multiple Page Posts | iface thoughts said:

    […] Pagination has been a topic of discussion a lot of times. Even in the search results using pagination numbers are not very useful, they do not indicate any quality of the results. Of course, pagination is here so that the data retrieval can be controlled. But there can be better alternatives. […]

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