Aware Of Content Theft? Now Beware Of Design Theft!

So you thought that stealing on the web can only happen for content! The topic has been discussed a lot of times and veterans like Lorelle have great advice on that. Now beware of design theft! Chris Pearson is a respected designer, who has made a mark for himself with his crisp purposeful designs. Some people take advantage of the information that he gives out, and make it their own! He recently released the excellent Cutline theme based on his Cutline framework. Blargy, the copycat thief, has gone ahead and claimed the design with some tweaks here and there and a new name! No credit to Chris! This so undermines the original designer’s creativity and ingenuity. Surprisingly, he has Chris Pearson listed as his friend! What a thief, what a shame!

Update: Chris Pearson has raised his voice and Blargy has stepped back and claimed stupidity! It is stupidity, but admitting your own mistake gets you out of the pits.

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