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Seth Godin brings up problem of keeping up with bloggers (via Lorelle). This is one of the reasons I do not subscribe to a lot of team blogs and even professional bloggers. I have subscribed for some, but it is because quality is what stands out, not quantity. I want to read blogs for information, not information overload. Somedays the posts are many more, but if they are of the interest then the fatigue does not interfere. Fatigue is not a function of only the number of posts, but also of the interest in the posts. I have realised that subscribing to individuals has been better than subscribing to blogs where multiple authors churn out posts. I might be missing out on some of the top blogs, but I hardly miss any news! In fact I get a chance to skip the hyped up stuff easily because of this. Dave Winer, Doc Searls, Robert Scoble and Lorelle are only some of the individuals who offer more value than many of the team blogs out there. As for the team blogs, they can probably provide customizable feeds so that the reader can choose to subscribe to a subset.

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  1. Too Distributed on iface thoughts said:

    […] we need something new, even if it is another service. This is not feed fatigue, this is the fatigue out of knowing what all to use to follow a person or a topic. This is fatigue […]

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