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Code Injection And Not Just SQL

Brian Sullivan points out that code injection need not be always through SQL. Though SQL injection is popular, malicious code can be injected through user input during any data retrieval, including for XML and LDAP. He discusses some techniques for protecting against the injection with the common principle of validating every single input from the user. [Continue]

Boxed CMS

Wyatt Barnett talks about Boxed Content Management Systems (CMS) and why he has not liked any of them yet. He defines a boxed CMS as: First, let me define “boxed CMS” for clarity’s sake. It is a fully-functional, feature-rich Content Management System in a box—which might be a zip file you downloaded off sourceforge. [Continue]

WordPress Goes Enterprise

WordPress is now officially targetting enterprise customers. It has parterned with KnowNow – a leading provider of feed solutions – to create KnowNow WordPress Enterprise Edition (KWEE). KWEE is a WordPress MU edition that is open to KnowNow for modifications but they will have to release it back to the open source tool. [Continue]

Open Source And Free

One of the popular myths about open source software that it is free of charge. And this is one of the single biggest reason why a lot of business people think that open source does not have a business model. I am a fan of Sadagopan’s renderings but I do not see eye to eye with him on the topic of open source. [Continue]

Documentation For?

Documentation is probably one of the most hated subjects for most of the developers. The biggest reason is it is often difficult and tedious to be articulate in specifying what to do or what has been done. I have mentioned earlier why documentation is necessary for the user, in one form or another. [Continue]



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