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Efficient Markets

Mike of Techdirt says that efficient markets are not about big and small businesses and I agree with him. With whatever experience I have had from a business perspective, I feel that there are people who create value and there are people who can make money out of it by coming up with business models. I think instead of big and small businesses it is those who can and those who cannot make money out of the value. [Continue]


I keep looking for expanding my blogshelf. One of the primary sources of quality content has been the 9rules Network. I liked that it was founded on the original 9 rules and that it was more about passion than money. [Continue]

Wireless Trouble With Open Source

Jem Matzan does a detailed report on the cause behind the wireless problems in the open source operating systems (via Om Malik). He does a roundup of the big names in the wireless chips manufacturing industry and pins the blame on the proprietary firmware that usually comes with a lot of restrictions for redistribution. Firmwares work across all the operating systems through corresponding drivers. [Continue]

Scaling Is About More Than Architecture

Frank Sommers explains why scaling is not only about architecture. Using ebay as a case study he says The most amazing aspect of this evolution to me is not necessarily the technical brilliance of the solutions at each architecture stage, but the fact that eBay was able to meet the challenges of its growth with subsequent refinements to its system, all the while keeping the site operational. Usually architecture is credited or blamed for scalability or lack of it. [Continue]



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