I like to test JavaScript tools where JavaScript is part of the functionality, not the coolness. Exhibit (via Ajaxian) is one such tool. Exhibit lets you create web pages with support for data operations like sorting and filtering without having to work with a database and a programming language. It can be done purely with the combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

To be precise Exhibit is a framework, which can be used in your HTML page by linking to exhibit-api.js. It expects the data in the JSON format, and it retains the data in JSON file so that an external database is not required. So, Exhibit can work entirely within the browser, without the requirement for any other tool.

Exhibit can help in building applications that have seamless online and offline operations. I think Exhibit can be useful for demos and presentations too. In fact it can be the sleekest way of composing a demo and even sending it across to someone. Unlike traditional presentations it can provide live interaction and unlike web applications it can work without requiring a web server. Another use can be to carry out early tests of information design.

The project has good documentation, the tutorials are in-depth. It also includes examples of building exhibits from spreadsheets and bibtex files. Give it a try. Like Hyperscope and endless pageless experience, it is a genuine application of JavaScript.

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