Do You Need Vista?

Lorelle asks whether you need Windows Vista. She points to a Wired article which claims Why You Don’t Need Vista Now. I will not use it because I have not found any reason to upgrade, apart from bullying by Microsoft. I think a lot of people might want Vista, I am not sure if they need it. In fact with Vista I will need to spend more to get a newer hardware, that too for better graphics, not functionality. For my family who are used to Windows, the home laptop will stay at XP, and probably might get upgraded to Ubuntu later! I will stick with Kubuntu on my laptop. If you need more convincing read 25 shortcomings of Vista (via E@zyVG). After all this if you still want to continue, reading Amit Agarwal’s different avenues to grab a free Vista copy might bring some relief to your budget. UPDATE: Miguel de Icaza adds to the list.

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  1. Rohit said:

    I think Ubuntu is far better then Vista, especially because they have a good cycle of 6 months of developement and improvement.

    I for one will NOT upgrade to Vista!

  2. Abhijit Nadgouda said:

    There has to be some selling point for Vista over XP to upgrade, and please other than the theme. The theme can be easily achieved by using a transformation pack which is easily available. I am sure Microsoft will retire XP after sometime, forcing to upgrade. At this point, Ubuntu will score higher than Vista. It is not only about cost of the OS, but also about cost of upgrading the hardware.

  3. Windows In $3 on iface thoughts said:

    […] of the reasons for this is that the cost of upgrade is usually not justifiable, other than that a couple of years later Microsoft is going to pull the plug on it. This makes the […]

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