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Ranjit Matthew has taken the effort of listing details of books available in India mentioned on Lambda the Ultimate (LtU). If you are not aware of LtU, it is a blog, forum, community, source where you learn about hows and whys of programming languages. One of the invaluable takeaways from it are the whitepapers and books that are mentioned there. Some of these books, in spite of being the best, are not widely visible in the industry. Thanks to LtU I got to know about them and thanks to Ranjit I know how to get them in India.

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  1. Divya Uttam said:

    Thank you Abhijit for introducing such a great blog. With scarcity of good resources in India it is hard to keep yourself updated with the latest developments in programming languages. Lambda the ultimate is sure of great help, for getting good books.

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