Wireless Trouble With Open Source

Jem Matzan does a detailed report on the cause behind the wireless problems in the open source operating systems (via Om Malik). He does a roundup of the big names in the wireless chips manufacturing industry and pins the blame on the proprietary firmware that usually comes with a lot of restrictions for redistribution. Firmwares work across all the operating systems through corresponding drivers. The tussle with the open source community gets murkier because of lack of enough support or documentation for developing these drivers. This results into devices that do not work with the operating systems for which these drivers are not available, which is usually used as a possible reason why Linux might not get popular. Open source community has come up with reverse engineering solutions, but more rights on the firmware can ease the issue.

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  1. Linux For Newbies on iface thoughts said:

    […] Pick the one that is easiest available, if you do not have the time or knowledge to find out yourself. If you ask for suggestions you are going to get too many answers to find the median. The fact is that most of the Linux distributions are good for development, the problems occur mostly while working with third party devices. Do you get your own clothes? It is similar here except that you might not have information in your hands. If you ask questions, ask to gather information rather than suggestions because they do not work. If you are surfing, surf to gather more information rather than suggestions. […]

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