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One of the common pre-adoption questions for Linux is to find out the ideal Linux system for newbies. One really cannot answer this question. There are too many unknowns. More often than not, this newbie has been a previous Windows user. Usually there is not much information about what this newbie is going to do with it.

Instead of distinguishing between OSs by vendors, just try to put all of them in a basket and compare them. Windows, Ubuntu, Slackware, Fedora, OS X, OpenBSD – there are many OSs, not just Linux distributions.

My suggestion is two-fold:

  • Pick the one that is easiest available, if you do not have the time or knowledge to find out yourself. If you ask for suggestions you are going to get too many answers to find the median. The fact is that most of the Linux distributions are good for development, the problems occur mostly while working with third party devices. Do you get your own clothes? It is similar here, except that you might not have information in your hands. If you ask questions, ask to gather information rather than suggestions because they do not work. If you are surfing, surf to gather more information rather than suggestions.
  • Do not assume it will be same as your previous OS. It can be different and it can be better only by being different. This is reason for grief most of the times, since everything is compared with the previously used OSs. Be prepared for a new experience. A lot of people do not use the OS much, all they use is the browser. In such cases there is not much resistance for moving to another OS. But if you do anything more than that, keep your mind open for some learning.

There are pros and cons for every single thing in the world, which includes Linux distributions or for that matter any OS. But a good comparison can yield some good information and keeping an open mind can help you find a more productive tool.

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    […] to get things done, which I agree with. But instead of getting overwhelmed with the number, you can choose the one that is easily available. One single distribution will be irritating, I prefer multiple distributions because now it is […]

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