I keep looking for expanding my blogshelf. One of the primary sources of quality content has been the 9rules Network. I liked that it was founded on the original 9 rules and that it was more about passion than money. It is not that I am averse to money. But I believe that money cannot be a longterm motivation factor. It has to be something else that will drive the money.

So I had participated in their 5th round. Today morning I had a wide smile on my face when I saw that this blog had been accepted. I believe there are some formalities before it can become part of the network. I will update this blog when it happens.

Some of the blogs that I have learnt a lot from are already part of the network, like Lorelle On WordPress, 456 Berea Street, fadtastic, Solution Watch and more. I am glad that I have a chance to be part of something that I have always looked up to for inspiration. I will continue to be a 9rules reader, but now it is also a motivation for me to keep posting quality content on this blog.

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  1. Phil Renaud said:

    Hey Abhijit – welcome to 9rules! So glad you could join us 🙂

  2. Abhijit Nadgouda said:

    Thanks Phil! I feel great and more enthusiastic.

  3. vinu said:

    Congrats abhijit!! Really happy to know that. you are the 4th blogger in my 1.5 years of reading who has joined 9 rules when they were in my blogroll 🙂

    I am sure – this is something to take into the New Year. Happy New year man!

  4. Abhijit Nadgouda said:

    Thanks Vinu! Happy New Year to you too!

  5. LorriM said:

    Congratulations on making it into 9rules!

    I have been a member since Round 4.

  6. Abhijit Nadgouda said:

    Thanks Lorri! You must be happier since your son Scott too is now part of 9rules.

  7. Rohit said:

    Congratulations Abhijit! You deserve it … a good new years gift from the blogging world :). Keep it up!

  8. LorriM said:

    Thank you, yes, I am very excited for Scott!

    I am enjoying the content of ifacethoughts!!

  9. Scott said:

    Congrats on the entrance and acceptance in to 9rules! 🙂 Most definitely deserved.

  10. Abhijit Nadgouda said:

    Thanks a lot!

  11. Andrew Faulkner said:

    Welcome to 9rules. Truly deserved in my opinion. Keep coming up with the good stuff!

  12. Abhijit Nadgouda said:

    Thanks Andrew. Being in company with people like you will encourage me to improve myself. That is part of the reason I like to write on fadtastic 🙂

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