My 2007 Prediction And Happy New Year

There have been couple of good prediction posts. In fact more. I could not come up with more than one.

I predict that the search engines will get better at indexing non-textual content; that is audio, video and images. The biggest limitation today with search engines is that they index only text, which kind of dictates the best practices for SEO. There are some specialised services, but it is still not mainstream. I do not think that will solve all the issues though. Accessibility wise we will still need to provide alternate textual content. This will not be solved unless there is guaranteed access for all users, or through all browsers on all platforms for all these types of data. Today, the plugins in browsers make this less probable somehow. But search engines picking it up will be a big push in that direction.

My wish, not prediction is that desktops should be more utilised. Not only should Web applications flourish, even the desktop should be fully utilised. I had put down my reasoning earlier. Web is still not as convenient as the desktop, there are many more connecting points on which we need to depend, and so many more points of failure. I wish that more and more desktop applications will connect with the Web rather than more Web applications trying to compete with the desktop.

I cannot think of more than this. It is time to get older and get wiser by learning. And it is time for another wish – wish you a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year! See you in the next one, soon!

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  1. vivek garg said:

    i support your prediction about search engine. There will be more activity in vertical search space through out the world. Along with video, audio and images, I think text search is just scratching the surface of what could be possible. There is a lot of data behind firewalls & passwords or even stuff that is not digitized. for eg libraries, textbooks, magazine, newspaper, enterprise white papers, tutorials, class notes etc

    Everything should be searchable. who, how and when are interesting.

  2. Abhijit Nadgouda said:

    In a way, search is what makes Web powerful. And it is underdeveloped currently. There were some interesting developments in 2006, which I think will propel higher in 2007.

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