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IBM Jazzing Development Tools

IBM is working towards building programming tools for geographically distributed teams through an open source project called Jazz. I wonder if this is a part of the Collaborative Development Environment work that IBM is doing. Distributed teams have increased, not only because of outsourcing, but because Internet has made it possible to stay coordinated. [Continue]

Stories To Understand The Problem

Gautam Ghosh explains how stories can be effective tools for diagnosis. Although Gautam discusses from the perspective of a HR and OD consultant, the need for diagnosis and understanding the business is equally important while developing software. Not to confuse with the user stories in XP, these stories can help bring to forefront some aspects that usually documentation misses. [Continue]

OpenID Through Yahoo!

Simon Willison has setup idproxy.net, that lets you use your Yahoo! account as an OpenID. In an ideal world, some or all of the sites with large user databases (Yahoo!, AOL, Google, Amazon and so on) would act as OpenID providers, allowing their users to sign in to OpenID supporting sites around the Web. [Continue]

Adobe Opening PDF To ISO

Scoble broke the news that Adobe is opening up the specification of PDF. PDF is one of the early document types that worked across various platforms. Although it is commendable, I do not think it will cause new developments, tools like OpenOffice have supported PDF conversion for quite some time. [Continue]



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