2006 Was A Blogging Year For Me

I started my first ever blog in February of 2006. What started out of love for WordPress today has become a regular activity for me, so much so that I have come to depend on blogging to make me think. A lot of times when I feel lost or stagnated, I read others’ blogs and that gives me the missing clue.

It is not only the process of blogging that helped me. When I go through the archive, I can see my learning process. I can see the mistakes I had done, their impact, and the corrections I did. The archive is more than just a collection of posts, it is reflection of what I have learnt throughout the year. I myself was surprised when I went through it, I sometimes got the satisfaction, sometimes got overwhelmed and sometimes felt vindicated that I had started to blog. I am lucky to get to work on something I love, so it was natural for me to choose the same topic for the blog – software development. Blogging has encouraged me to even experiment with my work, including taking up learning new programming languages.

These experiments were not possible on the excellent yet restricted WordPress.com platform, which had already given much more than I had imagined. So I moved to a self-hosted blog, which has taken the current form. Whatever I have learned has found its way into the design and content on this blog. Not to say that it is event that is over, I think it is going to be a continuous process. And that is the reason, my design will keep evolving, call it perennial beta if you want.

In the process I got acquainted with some great blogs and great people behind them. One that stands out for me is Lorelle VanFossen who writes Lorelle On WordPress. This is one blog where you will find that you are conversing with Lorelle rather than reading her blog.

My aim with this blog has been primarily to express my thoughts and get a feel of what others think about them. This has been the core of my learning process. 2006 has ended on a happy note for this blog and I hope that I continue with blogging and learning together. Lorelle has asked for 50 things that we learnt in 2006. But I could not come up with 50 things, it is only blogging.

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  1. Ryan said:

    I was thinking about my archives the other day. I actually went back through all of them, and enjoyed revisiting my thoughts at that instance in time. In fact, that’s probably what drives me to keep my site going. I love having a collection of my thoughts.

  2. Abhijit Nadgouda said:

    And it is not in many places that you have the luxury to collect your thoughts and go over whenever you want to. This should be a good reason to start a blog 🙂

  3. Amit said:

    Hi,I really enjoy reading u r blog.Wish u very happy new year .
    Keep writing !!

  4. Abhijit Nadgouda said:

    Thanks Amit! A Very Happy and Prosperous New Year to you too. I am glad that you enjoy reading this blog. Feel free to give any suggestions if you do not like something or if you feel that I should write about something.

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