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WordPress wants your feedback. There is a place for you to share your ideas and wishes, and also vote on others’. I have added my suggestions for searching all content and functions for global variables. This is going to be a treasure over time, some of the most innovative ideas might come from here. The other place is where you can say what you do not like about it, anonymously! Yes, you can shed all inhibitions and say what you want to say! I think this is great, it would be like brainstorming with the wide and deep community.

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  1. Adam said:

    Well that’s a good approach. Cuz there are a lot that they can do better.


  2. The Darkest Evil » Time to Kvetch WordPress! said:

    […] Recently, WordPress started allowing people to bitch about it’s problems and short comings. They call this system kvetch and many bloggers are starting to participate. Hell, I’ve already voiced a couple of my “concerns” and many of my rants on Kvetch. So, this means that it’s time for everyone else to start Kvetching WordPress. Hell, I think it could be beneficial for the development of WordPress, and in addition, I want to see the Shuttle WP-Admin interface as soon as humanly possible. […]

  3. Abhijit Nadgouda said:

    I think WordPress has been receptive about new ideas. This new approach will provide a single place to brainstorm and vote for future features. I think it is great!

  4. MyDesign said:

    WordPress is great, but i think that needs more colour styles

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