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I hardly use www when I am typing a domain name. However, I did not realize that I had to do one more thing – redirect from www to the one without when someone else typed it to visit this blog. One is that the readers do not have to worry about it and secondly search engines see both domain names as one site. Matt has already done all the hard work, I installed the no-www plugin and validated as Class B site. Everything is working fine for me, if you face any problems do get in touch. If you are not sure what no-www is, checkout the facts.

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  1. John Baker said:

    Isn’t it also important to comb your site for links which still us www and take them out? Otherwise page-rank will be split over two addresses.

  2. Abhijit Nadgouda said:

    John, thanks for commenting. The internal links in other posts will not have www, I usually type them manually and I hardly use www 🙂

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