Is HTML 5 More Semantic?

Roger Johannson lists new elements in HTML 5, a working draft yet. It includes elements like article, aside, header, footer, nav, dialog and section. Simon Pieters has taken effort where you can get the full list. This is quite some development since we learnt that HTML and XHTML are going to be room-mates.

This is very interesting, it seems HTML 5 is acknowledging the Semantic Web, which was done using the divs. I think eventually usage of div will reduce, though it cannot be completely eliminated. This can strongly impact choosing HTML or XHTML for your web site. I am not sure if these elements will be built into the XHTML 2.0 versions too. If not would HTML 5 be considered more semantic? I wonder if these things will be addressed in the specification being worked upon.

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  1. html50author said:

    Additional features for html5

    Help me to publish this project

  2. Scott at Realepicurean said:

    Eek – just when I thought XHTML was the next big thing, now I don’t know where to turn : /

  3. Anjanesh said:

    I’ve been checking out xHTML 2.0 draft thinking of how we can improve our page-design using xHTML 2.0.

    HTML 4.01 > xHTML 1.0 > xHTML 1.1 > xHTML 2.0

    More and more apps are going the XML way, I dont see the need to bring in HTML 5.0 in the middle.

  4. zcorpan said:

    I am not sure if these elements will be built into the XHTML versions too.

    The new elements are added to both HTML and XHTML at the same time. It’s the same language just different serializations. When you use the XML serialization it’s called XHTML5.

  5. Abhijit Nadgouda said:

    zcorpan, I am not sure if elements article, aside, header, footer, dialog, nav and section will be part of the XHTML versions. They are part of the Web Applications 1.0 specification. I believe you are talking about the Web Forms 2.0 specification.

    It is also my laziness that I haven’t explicitly qualified XHTML and HTML. I wanted to talk about XHTML 2.0 and X/HTML 5.0.

  6. HTML 5 Elements Explained | iface thoughts said:

    […] acknowledging existence of a certain structure and elements. Which probably makes (X)HTML 5 more semantic as compared to XHTML 2. If you are confused about (X)HTML 5 and XHTML 2, they are two different […]

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