OSDL And FSG Converge On Linux

The Open Source Development Labs (OSDL) and Free Standards Group (FSG) have joined hands to promote Linux.

I’m pleased to share some news that I expect you’ll be reading about in lots of other places today: Open Source Development Labs (OSDL) and the Free Standards Group (FSG) signed an agreement yesterday providing for the two groups to combine forces to form a new organization – The Linux Foundation. The result of this consolidation will be to dedicate the resources of the combined membership to “accelerate the growth of Linux by providing a comprehensive set of services to compete effectively with closed platforms.”

Mission of the new organization – The Linux Foundation, with more than 70 members – is to help Linux to compete more effectively against Microsoft.

Well it does look hunky and dory to me as a Linux user, on some deeper thoughts I feel that it might not be so good. Here are some points to consider:

  • FSG stands for standards, and should be impartial to products as much as possible. I think its role as a standards on non-Linux platforms will reduce.
  • Similarly, open source too is not limited to Linux. Recently a lot of good open source software has born on other platforms, including Microsoft. I wonder if this bias towards Linux will create divisions in the community following OSDL.
  • I sincerely believe that the aim of Linux is not to be anti-Microsoft, but to be the best through open source efforts. I find it inefficient when Linux is promoted by highlighting faults with Microsoft. Linux provides a lot of value even as a standalone platform, without having to find faults with Microsoft every time.

I however do agree that promoting Linux products is important. It is also good that, Linus Torvalds – the creator of Linux – is going to assist the organization. However, I feel that this should not happen by sacrificing the stand of open source and free standards group. Even if they ended up getting involved more with Linux today, they should have considered communities on other platforms.

As much as I try to believe that this is about open source and Linux, it seems like a corporate strategy against Microsoft. I think the community needs to provide open source solutions to the common man to promote it, not kill Microsoft.

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