WordPress 2.1 Is Ready

WordPress 2.1, named Ella, is released. The version 2.1 has a lot of features that are included in the current WordPress.com platform, like inherent ability to set any page as homepage, more AJAXed administration interface and a better editor. It also includes enhanced database queries that Domas Mituzas had reviewed, and overall a cleaner code. Overall, it indicates towards a new WordPress generation. I tried out on my local machine and it looks cool. The first step for me is to test compatibility of plugins and then embrace it.

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  1. First Post With Ella on iface thoughts said:

    […] is my first post with the shiny new WordPress 2.1, codenamed Ella, version. I was keen to upgrade, but was alarmed by some of the reports. I made sure I did my homework which was helped by […]

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