Adobe Opening PDF To ISO

Scoble broke the news that Adobe is opening up the specification of PDF. PDF is one of the early document types that worked across various platforms. Although it is commendable, I do not think it will cause new developments, tools like OpenOffice have supported PDF conversion for quite some time. However, I wonder if this is to beat opening up of Microsoft’s XPS to a standards body. I think it is more of a corporate decision than a technical one.

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  1. Kyle Korleski said:

    Open PDF to ISO is a great idea and I am certain that this will do a lot of good things for the technical community.

  2. Michael Jahn said:

    Simply an amazing announcement – bravo Adobe! I think that Adobe has a proven track record with several standards bodies – NPES, CGATS, ANSI and ISO to name only a few – and shown its willingness to be flexible as well as quick to add new objects to the PDF specification and new tools to add or modify these new objects, making PDF a big enough to “bag” to fit the types of requirements that a specific industry segment documents require. I think team Adobe has taken the high road, as well as built the right kind of foundation that may users (and vendor partners) can build their house on.

    Michael Jahn

  3. Abhijit Nadgouda said:

    I do think this is commendable, but I wonder what the motivation is. If it is encouraging developer community, this seems a bit late.

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