Merit And Visibility

Blog traffic is not only about good and unique content. Ahmed presents the other answer (via J. Angelo Racoma) to the question of increasing traffic. Content is still the king, but you also need the army to be visible – SEO and emails so that the search engines and other bloggers come to know about you.

Make Merit Visible

I think this is an universal concept of the struggle to make merit visible. Every activity has to have an associated marketing effort, if you want to make it known. Others are not going to care what you do with your time unless you tell them about it. A very business-minded approach? No, I think it is a requirement to highlight the merit for a couple of reasons.

  • The merit will be given importance if it provides some value to others.
  • This value might not be apparent, explicit effort might be required to make it so.

Developing value with the merit and making it visible are two separate activities. In fact, they are even two different skill sets, which is why communication is so important in business, along with the economics.

Of course, there have been cases where these techniques were not important. Either the value was already in the bold or it impacted a lot of people right at the start. But these are rare instances, and cannot be expected to repeat every time.

More Important for Individuals

I have realized that they are also important if you are an independent professional or a freelancer. Rather, it can be more significant because of the lack of support of the marketing department or the heavy corporate backdrop. There seems to be a recent awareness about this because of which we are seeing a lot of more people active on the Web.

Web is the best showcase, available to everyone, always. I always recommend, even if you do not want to put up the showcase or write a blog, you should provide your contact information at the least.

Back to Blogging

Regarding blogging, I think one of the best ways is using links to others to create conversations and discussions. They result into trackbacks and pingbacks, which stay visible with the discussion. Other techniques also work like associating with a brand, or if the blogger is a brand him/herself.

You will also find many custom tips which might be easier to adopt. If you are an introverted blogger, Micah Sparacio’s A Guide for the Introverted Blogger might help.

Having said this, these techniques are good only for the initial push. The value will still be dependent on the merit, the content, the product or the talent.

In blogging, traffic might not be important to everyone. I make sure SEO works, but I hardly out of blogging to promote the blog. I write primarily to debate with self, and then with others. If traffic is not important, content is enough.

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