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Importance Of Heading Structure

Kevin Yank highlights the importance of using heading structure. Because assistive technologies like screen readers allow users to navigate through a document by its heading structure, your headings need to form a sensible structure independent from the rest of your document markup. It is well known that headings contributes to better SEO as well as semantic HTML. [Continue]

Explaining Ideas

Communicating ideas requires more than knowledge – skill to successfully explain it to show the difference but still make it comfortable to understand. The idea is only as good as it is communicated, rather received. The irony in it is that it has to be different enough to stand out, but not so different that it sounds alien. [Continue]

Software Reusability

Arash Barirani asks whether reusability of business modules is a myth or reality. Note that this is about using the business objects, not peripheral or utility libraries. We get to work on similar projects, but how many times do we get to reuse the core functionalities? [Continue]

Strings Or Numbers?

Bill Venners comments on David Heinemeier Hansson’s justification for using integers in URLs instead of semantic strings in Ruby On Rails. As an example, if you look at the URL of the Help of this blog, it is http://ifacethoughts.net/help. As against this, using integers would give you http://ifacethoughts.net/564 where 564 is the database ID of the page for help. [Continue]

Linking 2.0

Tim Bray wants to introduce indirection for links. It may sound complicated and unnecessary, but in fact it can something quite relevant. He brings up the point of depending on a single web site for referencing, like Wikipedia, creating a single point of failure. [Continue]



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