Time To Lift The Curtains

Taking over from Olivier Ansaldi to continue the relay race:

  1. I hated blogs, till one day I took time to find out their potential and what they can do for me. Now I repent I did not start earlier and get restless if I cannot write.
  2. My first project out of college was in Algol. I thought my career was doomed since a lot of others got a chance to use languages like VB and VC++ which were hot! Six months later I thanked Him for it. I still do!
  3. I love learning new programming languages and had a desire to teach, but did not try it out of fear. Until I got a chance to try at my alma mater recently.
  4. I am a foodie. I like trying out different cuisines and the local specialities wherever I am. I like Thai, Mexican, Mediterranean other than the huge number of varieties in the Indian cuisine.
  5. I can play Tabla, an Indian percussion instrument. I do not practice that regularly, but still enjoy it whenever I can, at least listening to it.

One unexpected benefit of this tag game is a way to come across various blogs. I traced the link 20 steps backwards and discovered some exquisite blogs that I was missing. I will showcase them in my blogshelf. Now I am planning to go 50 steps back!

I cannot keep my pen down yet. This game comes with an additional responsibility of picking out 5 other bloggers. I ping

  • Manoj Khatri was the one who encouraged me to write my first ever post/article/thought and getting me started.
  • Lorelle VanFossen has been the guiding light on blogging, burning continuously for people like you and me.
  • Amit Agarwal is one of the early full time bloggers in India, and writes one of the best technical blogs across the globe.
  • Patrix is one of the brains behind the best aggregator of the best of Indian blogs.
  • Rohit Arondekar has been a very keen reader of this blog, without whom this blog would have been left with a lot of spelling mistakes.

Discussion [Participate or Link]

  1. Patrix said:

    Thanks for tagging me, Abhijit but unfortunately I was tagged earlier and have my response penned down already. Maybe next time 🙂

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