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Mark Fletcher, of Bloglines fame, is starting up, er, Startupping. It is a community dedicated to and by Internet entrepreneurs. You can see that it has forums, wiki along with blogs – so it is going to offer a complete bouquet. The blog already has an excellent post on lessons learned from the the best and worst decisions contributed by stalwarts like John Battelle, Dick Costolo, Paul Graham, Ross Mayfield and Chris Pirillo.

Of course this is the first part, I look forward to many more such readings on this. In fact I would like to get opinions by the fresh entrepreneurs about their failed projects and what they thought about it. Usually the ones interviewed are already so deep into it that the language gets skewed by the Curse of Knowledge. Accompanying that with the newer ones can help a lot.

I wonder if Startupping treats itself as a startup. Then it can show its influence on itself! Too confusing, whatever it is, I think it will turn out beneficial for the community.

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  1. Andrew said:

    The thing that’s impressed me about Startupping is the amount of BUZZ! Seriously! Our site is in a related field but about bringing entrepreneurs together with advisors, angels and VCs but we haven’t had anything near the same buzz factor.

    Is it Mark’s involvement or something else? I’m stumped! Thoughts?


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