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Bloggers can feel safer. Federal Court ruled that a blogger cannot be sued for what a commenter says. Fair enough, though like someone said in the Slashdot discussion, a suit against the commenter is not that all frivolous. It might be difficult since asserting commenter’s identity can be a little more difficult.

Though it is true, the title is not absolutely true. This applies only to the bloggers in United States of America. I am unsure of rules elsewhere. I have a feeling that in India this has not been thought about. But I am not aware of these rules even in the rest of the world. Any idea?

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  1. Rohit said:

    I think there is an error – “Bloggers can feel a safer.”

    I have no idea of any such rules – although I am quite sure there is no protection to Indian Bloggers! Unless some major incident happens – nobody will care.

  2. Abhijit Nadgouda said:

    Rohit, thanks for pointing out the mistake, as usual.

    Yes, unfortunately, our Indian cyber laws seem to be reactive than proactive. With the Indian blogosphere growing fast, this has to be given some importance.

  3. Kyle Korleski said:

    Well, that’s good for people in the US but people in the international community are left wondering?

  4. Liza said:

    These topics are so cnofisung but this helped me get the job done.

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