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Alberto Savoia thinks up a Developer Testing Master. A specialist who will bridge the gap between development and QA. I do not believe this applies in all cases, but I agree that as the development grows and as the testing grows, the gap grows too. And then we need people who can compensate for this by understanding development and testing both, though I hope that the name given should be better than what Alberto has come up with. What is alarming in the industry is the acceptance that developers do not test. This is because the developers do not look beyond writing code and they lose the challenge once it comes to testing. If they think about its usage and its benefit to the user, they will understand true importance of testing. Unit testing can save a hell lot of time, effort, undos and redos. Development and testing cannot be absolutely separated, they are intertwined. Even the master will not help if unit testing is not carried out. I hope testing gets ingrained into programming as much as coding.

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