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Good List Of Indian Blogs

Sudhanshu Rahejta at Gyaan Sutra has compiled a list of Indian blogs based on Alexa ranking, and this blog is proud to be a part of it. The effort is to build an A-List of Indian bloggers. I do not agree, because I believe: Alexa traffic is not a good metric to measure There is no A-list I feel that we start stripping blogging of its advantages once we start making classes – it is personal, it is free form, it is opinionated and it is therapeutic. [Continue]


A while back Binny VA and recently Rishi alerted me to PHPSESSIDs in some of the URLs. PHPSESSID is used to indicate who owns the PHP session, something useful in case you are tracking sessions, like in case of shopping carts. However, PHPSESSIDs in the URL can make search engines to think it is duplicate content since technically there are two different URLs. [Continue]

IA Summit

Luke Wroblewski has been sincerely pointing too and jotting down the points from various IA Summit 2007 presentations and talks. It is of tremendous value, especially if you have not been in a position to attend it. Not only are the topics pretty interesting, they are quite relevant and answer some of the difficult questions. [Continue]



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