Can You Stay Away From Computer For One Day?

The World Shutdown Day (via J. Angelo Racoma) wants you to participate in their experiment to find the place of computers in our lives. Is it difficult? Impossibe? Or Unthinkable? Also, I wonder if the computers include devices and gadgets like mobiles. A lot of my acquaintances will actually be happy, in fact the ones who use it for work will definitely like to do that. It is going to more difficult for the ones who use it for hobbies like music, blogging or multimedia.

I surely am addicted to the Net and feel restless if either the computer or the Net is down, and not being able to blog makes me uncomfortable. Having said that, I think one should definitely take some time off, especially if the second life is hurting the first life!

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  1. Madhur Kapoor said:

    Same here man .

  2. Terinea Tech Tips said:

    No problem it’s a Saturday, I always try my best to stay off it. Just need to make sure my colleagues do the same!

  3. Tony said:

    I’m doing this. Yes, it will be kind of weird not blogging, reading, programming, and constantly checking email, but that’s precisely why I am going to participate. I want to see what it’s like, and find out more about myself.

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