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Two web professionals are trying to dig into and voice concerns over browser window sizes. Roger Johansson is running a poll to find out whether you resize your browser window in the everyday use. And Robert Nyman wants you to size a petition to warn the website developer who resize your browser window for their application.

The resized window, if the user resizes it, is an important factor along with the resolution to consider for viewports. With fixed layouts, a resized window can bring up scrollbars and liquid designs are not always easy in all cases. I tend towards the elastic design nowadays since it can provide a fixed ration between the font size and the area.

I tend to resize my browser window for higher resolutions, possibly because I am subconsciously thinking about how much can I see in the window. Robert’s petition is pretty important, I know many sites, including some internet banking sites, that resize your browser window without any notification or warning. The response to both the posts can provide vital information, something that can help a designer in selecting the approach for a layout.

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  1. Michele said:

    I’m still not sure wether I prefer fixed or liquid designs, but I tend to use fixed layouts. I think Pagety‘s was the first layout I use in production that is liquid. Probably I did it before for a couple of clients.

    As for apps resizing the windows, I can’t stand it. As for ones changes the focus from the open window/tab to theirs (if I remember correctly even Gmail does this, but I’m not sure since I manage to cope with it by changing a setting in my browser).

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