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Beware Of Trackback Spam

Sophos, a security firm has warned bloggers about rise in trackback spam. Like Munir Umrani says, a lot of people have been disabling trackback entirely to avoid the spam attacks. Spam, in all forms, abuses the communication tools provided by the Web and has been pulling the blogosphere down since dawn. [Continue]

Indian Railway Goes Mobile

If this is any indication of the mobile adoption in India, the Indian railway has gone mobile. A while back the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) had launched online booking, which was heaven compared to the crowd and sweat at the booking counter. I think the Indian Railways have really made it handy for the common man. [Continue]

Help With HTML 5

Roger Johansson mentioned the new effort by WHATWG towards a community oriented help to sort out the confusion over the present and especially the future of X/HTML 5. help-whatwg.org is a mailing list that you can join to either get or give help to others. Commendable, but I would have preferred a forum, or better a wiki? [Continue]

FeedLinx Shutting Down

I received an email from FeedLinx support that FeedLinx is shutting down. It was not just one of the feed to email converters, you can use it to keep a track of your feed subscriptions across machines and aggregators. I had used it for sometime to synchronize across feed readers. [Continue]



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