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Third Party Scripts Here

A friend voiced some concerns about the various third party web sites that appeared in the status bar while loading this blog. These would be the “Looking up …” or “Waiting for …” messages with the web site addresses. This post is to assure you, the reader, that all the third party scripts that are being used here are trustworthy. [Continue]

Free Broadband In India

The Economic Times reported that the Indian Government is planning to make broadband freely available to all residents by the year 2009. I have a mixed reaction, a bit excited and a bit skeptical. First of all, I do not think it will really be free, someone/something will have to pay for the money that the Government will be spending. [Continue]

Open Source And Money

There seems to be some activity this week around earnings through open source. First there is Hugh Macleod’s question about finding billionaires in open source. There were some replies, but the one that hit the nail is Jeff Atwood’s The lack of open source software billionaires is by design. [Continue]

Complete Wellbeing – A Magazine Using WordPress – I

Complete Wellbeing (CW) is a monthly print magazine, dedicated to you and your wellbeing, a first-of-its-kind in India. Yours truly had the opportunity to build an online presence for the magazine under some restrictions. The online website was supposed to play a role of a companion website, something that will promote the print magazine and build a place for discussions on the articles. [Continue]



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