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Lorelle writes about the W3C Multipage Validator. Validating markup of the entire site with the traditional validator was time consuming and usually led to skipping some pages. The multipage validator makes it very convenient. It internally uses the same validator, but indexes multiple pages of your website and reports using AJAX. You can give your feedback and contribute to the tool. A great find, thanks Lorelle!

Some additional tools that you can use for your website are:

And there is a big list of accessibility tools with W3C. Feel free to add more to the list.

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  1. Daniele Perilli said:

    Hi, I’d like to introduce you a new little tool I developed to
    automatically check markup validation of all pages in given websites.
    It uses W3C HTML Validator and CSS Validator online services in
    recursive mode (without any max pages limit as other known services).
    It’s a small windows application and you can run from your desktop, it’s called Markup Validator and, of course, it’s completely free.

  2. Abhijit Nadgouda said:

    Daniele, thanks for the link. It should be quite helpful on Windows.

  3. Scott Grodberg said:

    It looks like http://www.validator.ca is still down. If you would like to validate multiple pages, please try http://html.validator.pro/. It uses the WHATWG validator.nu engine (not W3C) so it’s good for HTML5. And it’s absolutely free

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