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Gear For Offline

One of the most pressing issues with the new Web applications is connectivity. If not connected, the browser is nothing but a useless window. One of the solutions is to take the Web applications offline, which Google has given big push by releasing Google Gears. [Continue]

JavaScript And vi

The guys at Internet Connection have implemented vi in JavaScript (JSVI) (via Ajaxian). JSVI might not sound appealing to you instantly, but it gives a good break from all the WYSIWYG editors and actually lets me use my favorite editor on the Web. Many of my friends ask me about the reasons behind my liking for vi. [Continue]

Free Mumbai Map

Artur Bergman discusses the effort by Collective Research Initiatives Trust (CRIT) to study urbanism by using Mumbai as a case study. In the process they have created Free Mumbai Map. This has been created using volunteers and using software from OSGeo, the open source geospatial foundation. [Continue]

Customizing Firefox

Serdar Yegulalp reveals hidden configuration options in Mozilla Firefox (via E@zyVG). Firefox already gives a lot of configuration options, but it has many more under the hood. The article shows how you can use some of them to customize Firefox to your liking. [Continue]

WordPress – HyperDB and HumorDB

Today Matt announced the mailing list for HyperDB – an enterprise DB class for WordPress. It is a drop-in replacement for WPDB, the default database class for WordPress. It will boast of features like replication, failover, partitioning which will help it in high-volume environments. [Continue]

Welcome Back, Phew!

This blog has been down for last 10 hours or so. The long weekend did not help in expediting the investigation, but it has been resolved nonetheless. BlueHost was efficient, once it started looking in to it, in responding and fixing the issue. [Continue]

Python Moving

Krys Wilken wonders if Python is getting used more and more. Of course this can be called one of the biased posts, and it is quite true that personal preferences does create a bias. But there is something else to look for here. [Continue]

Doing More With OpenOffice

OpenOffice is a popular open source office suite, that other than being excellent office suite, lets you extend its functionality through extensions. Made popular by tools like Firefox as addons or by WordPress as plugins, these extensions let you add more. Unfortunately the OpenOffice extensions are not as popular, but they are all the same effective. [Continue]

Intel Highlighting Need To Upgrade Programming

Intel is pushing for upgrading programming to leverage the multicore processors. “The software has to also start following Moore’s law,” Intel fellow Shekhar Borkar said, referring to the notion that chips offer roughly double the performance every 18 months to two years. “Software has to double the amount of parallelism that it can support every two years.” I do not think software can really follow Moore’s Law, but we have to cope up with the new advancements. [Continue]



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