Modifying FeedBurner Plugin

This blog uses the excellent FeedBurner plugin. It is very good at its job, but there is one disadvantage. We lose all the individual feeds that WordPress generates per category or author as all feeds get redirected to the single FeedBurner feed.

I have modified the plugin for this blog by entering

&& !is_category() && !is_author() && !is_page()

inside the if check in the function ol_feed_redirect. It checks if the requested object is a category or author or a WordPress page. If so, it does not redirect the feed to FeedBurner.

The if statement is now

if ( is_feed() && $feed != 'comments-rss2' && 
     !is_single() && 
     $wp->query_vars['category_name'] == '' && 
     ($withcomments != 1) && 
     trim($feedburner_settings['feedburner_url']) != '' && 
     !is_category() && !is_author() && !is_page() )

I have used a similar concept in a project I am working on. Complete Wellbeing is a monthly magazine and the feed for its companion web site now returns all articles of the latest issue, unless feed is requested for a category or an author.

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  1. Patrix said:

    I tried it and it gave me an error. I’m quite wary of fiddling with the plugin files. Can you provide the edited version of the file? I’ve been looking for something like this for DesiPundit.

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  6. Jodie said:

    I’m quite pleased with the inofmraiotn in this one. TY!

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